Background Story

Posted by laidlow on September 7, 1973 | No comments

laidlowBorn in Stockholm (’73), raised in Scania. Moved to California as soon as I finished college (as a truck mechanic). Graduated MIT in Hollywood after 2 years of music studies, and went on to study English Literature and Linguistics in Santa Monica (3 years, graduated with honors but never went to pick up my degree). Worked hard with like-minded folks on Proposition 215.¬†Got busted. slipped out south through the Mexican border, and been living in Israel ever since.

Graphic artist since the age of managing to hold a Crayon properly (’75). Programmer since the Commodore 64 came out (’82). Video since i managed to work up enough cash to buy a cam (’87). Music saved me from the sports (’83).

Currently working as a motion graphic freelancer, mostly for 900m Productions and Biomedia.

Living on strict diet of Carlberg and Hummus Musabaha.



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