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War Dance

Posted by laidlow on April 29, 2010 | No comments

Here’s a little animation I worked on with Nadav Ben Israel, the video scientist of 900m Productions. A video we did for the Vision 04 project. Basically, a bunch of video artists all used the same footage, all filmed inside the Tel Aviv apartment of this old gay belly dancer, and did their own twist on it. We rolled up and went far out. Nadav got a hold of the blue prints of the dancer’s apartment and I rebuilt it in 3D and then Nadav sat next to me and directed the camera walk through. Each footage that sits on the walls is taken for its respective place in the apartment. Nadav’s idea was to turn this into a video game looking piece, and the sub is that all wars starts at home. While this gay belly dancer is happily dancing away in is little home, the war is raging outside.

Check it out in HD though.

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