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Google Street Views Stop Motion Animation

Posted by laidlow on December 10, 2009 | No comments

This little clip is done by taking fullscreen snapshots in Google Maps Street View (i found a car and followed it down the streets of New York), and throwing them all into After Effects and add a little warp between the frames. A funky way of stop motion blending.

Potential Disclaimer/Acclaimer:

I don’t know if it’s legal to hit the FNCT button+Print Screen in Windows Vista while looking at Google Maps Street View in full screen ¬†and then hitting CTRL+V in Adobe Photoshop and importing it all as an image sequence into Adobe After Effects and applying Timewarp effect for the layer of the imported footage, adding some TrapCode Shine, Cartoon filter and exporting it as a .mov Apple Macintosh file and uploading it to Google YouTube, with the music/soundtrack i did myself in Propellerheads Reason. But if it is, then, here it is!!!

Yalla! Sulcha! Hummus anyone?!

and if it’s not, then we have to ask ourselves; why not?
Thanks to the people at Google and its ilk, who made you find this, who let you read what i just wrote… trip out ey! Go Google!



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